FAQs - Mainline® Coolers
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Please see below for answers to common questions.

What is a Roto-Molded Cooler?

Roto-molded coolers, or rotationally molded coolers are coolers made from a roto-molding procedure that ensures that every part of the cooler is made with a continuous thick wall.  As a result, they keep ice and contents cold for longer periods of time than standard coolers (approximately 4 times as long).  They also protect cooler contents from rodents and woodland creatures.

How long will the Mainline Cooler hold ice?

The length of time the Mainline Cooler will hold ice varies by model size and external use conditions. In the videos available on the MainlineCoolers.com website, ice lasted over 6 days in a 45 L cooler. These coolers were outside in warm weather and opened often. Under other conditions, the ice contents can last up to 10 days.

How can I maximize ice retention in my Mainline Cooler?

To maximize ice retention, consider pre-chilling your cooler first by filling it with ice so that the insulation inside the cooler becomes sufficiently cool and the thick polyurethane walls store cool and assist with ice retention.

Ice choice also helps. Block ice will melt at a slower rate and perform better over time. However, cubed ice will cool quicker and cover more surface area. A mix of both will receive maximum benefit.

Reduce airflow. Minimize opening the lid and keep the latches latched to minimize warm air entry. Hold the water created from melted ice in the cooler, as it will help prevent airflow around your contents.

How much does each Mainline Cooler weigh?

Mainline 25L Weighs: 19 pounds empty

Mainline 45L Weighs: 30 pounds empty

Mainline 65L Weighs: 38 pounds empty

How much ice and or contents does each size Mainline Cooler hold?

Mainline 25L Holds: 26 Quarts (6.5 gallons) of liquid, 24 cans or 25 pounds of ice

Mainline 45L Holds: 48 Quarts (12 gallons) of liquid, 36 cans or 40 pounds of ice

Mainline 65L Holds: 69 Quarts (17.25 gallons) of liquid, 64 cans or 70 pounds of ice

What is the warranty on a Mainline Cooler?

Mainline coolers feature a 1-year replacement warranty.  You may file your warranty claim through the location where you purchased your Mainline cooler (authorized sales outlet). The Mainline authorized sales outlet will contact Mainline Customer Service to file the warranty claim. See our Warranty and Care document on MainlineCoolers.com

How do I clean my Mainline Cooler?

Clean with dish soap and warm water. For more difficult stains, use water and bleach in a ratio of 6:1. Be sure cooler is completely dry and out of the sun for storage. See our Warranty and Care document on MainlineCoolers.com for complete details.

Does the Mainline Cooler also keep things warm/hot?

Yes. If you do not fill the cooler with ice and instead place warm/hot items in it, the cold seal lid gasket provides a tight seal that will keep ambient temperatures out, the double wall insulation warm and the contents of the cooler the same.

Are there options for different colors and/or personalization at factory level?

Mainline Coolers are sold in either tan or white. At this time, we do not offer personalization. However, many aftermarket retailers sell kits for personalization that can similarly be used on the Mainline coolers.

Where can I find replacement parts for my Mainline Cooler?

We do not sell individual replacement parts for the Mainline Cooler, other than the drain plug. Drain plugs can be obtained through our authorized dealers. To find one near you, please see the Where to Buy section of our website.

Can I use dry ice in my Mainline Cooler?

Yes, our coolers are dry ice compatible.

How many handles does the Mainline Cooler have?

The Mainline cooler has two handles, one on each side, both made with a flexible hand grip and military grade braided rope.

Can I buy a Mainline Cooler through an online mass retailer?

Mainline Coolers are sold through authorized retailers. We do not sell directly through Ebay.com, Overstock.com, Amazon.com or any other mass online retailer. These outlets are susceptible to scams and products purchased through these means may be void of any manufacturer warranty. Authorized Mainline dealers can be found under our “Where to Buy” section of our website.

Can I lock my Mainline Cooler?

You can and it is encouraged by the molded-in plates and holes found in the cooler construction that allow for the easy addition of a padlock. Tiedowns also fit conveniently through the molded slots in the integrated handles for further theft prevention.

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